By Andy C
Can someone please remind me of the "correct" way to change the the Engine oil in a 2003 Bullet - having problems finding a definitive answer.

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By Presto
With a question like that you’ll be lucky to find a ‘definitive’ answer. Many ‘right’ ways depending on user’s opinions, prejudices and experiences.

Bike on centre stand, with engine warm. Place drain pan under engine. Remove oil tank drain plug. This is the rearmost 14mm hexagon nut under the engine.

There are two more 14mm hexagon plugs that are in-line and forward from the drain plug. These also may be removed. They include a gauze filter that should be cleaned before replacing.

Before replacing these plugs it may be as well to replace the washers.

If a new filter is required then remove old filter and replace with new filter that has been oil-soaked. Some replace the filter at every oil change, some every other oil change (and some never!!).

Refill engine with approx 2¼ litre of suitable 20W/50 oil. Check level on dip-stick is not higher than mid-way mark and no lower than lowest mark. (Filling to the high mark on the dip stick will help lubricate the rear tyre!)

And now over to all those who will give you the ‘definitive’ answer.
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By stinkwheel
Here you go. Definative. Straight from the horses mouth.



From a personal point, I would recommend replacing the sealing washers with re-useable bonded seal dowty washers to avoid leaks and overtightening.

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