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By windmill john
Okay, I think all gears, but definitely 2nd, 3rd and 4th. (4 speed, kickstart, 2004)

If this was my old Airhead, the bike wouldn’t be working, but the Bullet goes well.

Haven’t had chance to study the wiring diagram, but I assume no issues re running?


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By stinkwheel
I always thought it was optimistic in the extreme to fit a neutral light on the 4-speed boxes anyway.

Most neutral lights earth the switch to turn on so if the switch is damaged or any of the wiring between the lamp and the switch is shorting out, the lamp will come on. I don't think it's hooked into a "safety interlock" system on bullets, just a light.

From pictures, it's a very shonky looking plastic switch so that would be my first port of call. If you disconnect the switch and the light goes off, it's probably the switch. If it doesn't, it's a short. Switch might just need a spray of WD40 and a wiggle if you're lucky. They are just over a fiver for a new one.

My personal oppinion is they managed without a neutral light for 60 years. I'd just disconnect it.
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By windmill john
Oh, sorry to ask, this is the manual I got with the bike. There is a wiring diagram for Uk version and one for AC/DC version.
I think looking at the switch (I just have on or off) I have an AC/DC version!?

Can’t see the blooming neutral switch on either diagram!

Is there a another source of wiring diagram?

My bike was registered in 2006, but led to believe the last models were 2004; 350 kick start.
By papasmurf
You don't need a wiring diagram, the sender for the light is a wire coming out of the gearbox, the problem is finding the connector in order to replace the switch. (On my Electra X (ish,) that was (expletive deleted difficult to find.
Also the switch was impossible to remove the switch with a spanner, so I had to resort to my universal tool. A 6" length of 1/4" brass bar and a hammer.)
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By Wheaters
My bike is a 2004 Bullet Electra (4 speed, kickstart only, AC headlight, electronic ignition). The neutral light on it is very dim and so next to useless. It only shows one of the three neutrals anyway.....I can find one between every other gear. :?
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By windmill john
Thanks All.

Just for info, whilst mine is 2006, it is a pre unit construction, right hand side gear change.
I’ll have a look tomorrow, but don’t recall a wire from gear box.
Re headlight, I do have an off, park, headlight switch on the left switch assembly, I’ll test tomorrow if the headlight comes on without ignition.

Before I bought it, I thought my model was of the AC style, I.e. separate coils for lighting, but unsure now!

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