By Davec
I have a 2005 Electra X where the breather box has been moved to just behind the cylinder. Looks ugly where it is and I want to move it back to it's original position but can't see where it should go.
Will have to buy a new set of hoses and any information on the location would be appreciated.
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By Adrian
Is that the original breather box or the incredibly ugly Watsonian-Squire canister thingy with the modified oil tank filler neck? The factory-fitted breather can would be somewhere under the l/h side panel, ISTRC.

Be careful with the pipe run if you're moving the can back to its original slot, make sure there is an uphill run all the way from the oil tank breather union to the can, so there is nowhere for the mayonnaise to build up and clog the pipe.

By Davec
Thanks for the info. Looking at the pics for the breather box I must have the Watson squire version.
I will be fitting a conical air filter so that will give me room where the air box is.

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