...From our hosts technical notes...
"with your multimeter set on ac volts, check for output across these 2 violet wires. (photo 1) This should rise rapidly to over 30 volts at half revs."
I guess my issue will be I'm not running (because I rely on the power from the alternator to power everything rather than just provide charge to the battery)...so I guess if I get SOME voltage reading from those wires as I kick it over then the alternator must be pumping out some juice still, and the wires must still be intact?
Any idea what kind of AC voltage I might expect from the alternator just from a kick over?
TexasChris wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:31 am
Hi Guys,

Sorry to divert this thread back towards alternators, but....I had my first few rides on my freshly finished bike this weekend, it all went great, it rode great...until it died. lost all power, no spark, no lights.

So i'll be doing some fault finding to hunt down the cause (leading theories are loose connector or a wire that's rubbed through and earthed out to the frame).

But the question I wanted to ask was...the 2 wires from the alternator (previously 4, now spliced into 2 as discussed at the start of this thread) does anyone know how I can test their output with a multimeter? What kind of reading should I be able to get from those. Just to help me rule out any dodgy wiring along that portion of the wiring loom. Its been a while since I've done any multimeter-ing!

Hi Chris

Had a good look round the bike over the weekend and took lots of pictures but unfortunately didn't know who I was looking for to have a chat and a beer

Love what you have done to it look forward to seeing it out and about

Glad you dug it Slappy.

As for the fault, about to do some digging. Sudden cut out, no warning symptoms, no fuses to blow. I’m hoping for some obvious and requiring as minimal dismantling as possible! I only just got it all put together!


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