black fingernail wrote:How about this for proper customising
I am trying to find out what I can get for a 62 year old kidney.
Good job you didn't see the picture of Musket engine in the featherbed frame, then!

Adrian wrote:
Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:25 pm
...how easy was it to insure Slo Poke, as a matter of interest?

Slo Poke started life as a fairly heavily modified bike (bought new, dismantled and ‘bobbed’) and was first insured, as such, in 1999.

Back then, insurers were far more relaxed about custom bikes and - for the sake of a quiet life - I’ve stuck with the same insurer ever since. This said, Slo Poke’s inner London domicile does push the premiums up.
Hi Guys,

Sorry to divert this thread back towards alternators, but....I had my first few rides on my freshly finished bike this weekend, it all went great, it rode great...until it died. lost all power, no spark, no lights.

So i'll be doing some fault finding to hunt down the cause (leading theories are loose connector or a wire that's rubbed through and earthed out to the frame).

But the question I wanted to ask was...the 2 wires from the alternator (previously 4, now spliced into 2 as discussed at the start of this thread) does anyone know how I can test their output with a multimeter? What kind of reading should I be able to get from those. Just to help me rule out any dodgy wiring along that portion of the wiring loom. Its been a while since I've done any multimeter-ing!

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