By Rattlebattle
The RE front disc brake is pretty good in my experience (for what it is), though I always replace with braided hoses as a matter of course. I find that on some bikes it takes a while for the pads to bed in to the discs fully. You can tell by looking at the area on the disc where the pads are pressing and compare this to where the pads should press against the disc if they were sitting squarely. I'd mention it at the first service. You shouldn't need to mess with bleeding/fluid change and by mentioning it and ensuring they record that you have raised the issue with the dealer you will improve your chance of any warranty claim that might subsequently arise eg for a warped disc or faulty caliper or m/c.
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By PeteF
Follow up.
Yes, the brakes improved with use but were still not as I would expect.
I forked out for some sintered pads and they are now MUCH better.

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