By David Crossley
Hi has anyone mounted a sidecar to an electra x or similar frame. I have a universal side car mounting kit. I'm struggling to where the lower forward and rear points should be attached. As always your help is very much appreciated. D
These are the lower points on mine.
It's an 07 plate Bullet 500, so I don't know if the frame is the same as yours. You can see that the rear footpeg is relocated and its original position used for the mount.

Good luck, Chris
Hi Chris thanks so much for your help, reference the front mount how have you connected it. The plate seems quite thin there and the primary drive is right there. Did you make a plate, just asking to make sure. Cheers David
Two pictures, the one with the hole is my solo bike, the one with the arm, of course, is my other (identical) bike with the chair.
You're right, it is relatively thin, but examining the photo should show it goes right through, and is sleeved between the plates.
I certainly wouldn't think it's good just bolted to the sheet metal of the bracket!
Hope this is helpful; but do remember I don't remember if it's not identical to yours.

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