By xaler
Sorry for my English. It’s notmy native language.

I love my Royal Enfield Bullet 500. I'd like to link the overhaul of the engine with engine modifications. My crankshaft has an old connecting rod, not suitable for more power. I need to measure the Enfield EFI connecting rod with needle bearing. I want to put it in my engine. I probably have to adjust the flywheels to another pin. Look at the picture please. When I buy a Bullet 535cc cylinder from Hitchcocks, will the Enfield 535 EFI piston go with that connecting rod?
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By Adrian
The UCE/EFI connecting rod is too short for the older models, unless you're building a hybrid engine. Let's not go there.

What you need for toughening up the older Bullets is Hitchchcocks' steel con-rod and roller big-end kit part number 90125A. It is almost a direct replacement for the factory parts, EXCEPT that they recommend re-balancing the crankshaft as the steel connecting rod is heavier than the alloy one.

The other consideration is that it is MUCH more expensive than the EFI connecting rod and bearing kit, at £473 pounds excluding shipping and any customs duty you might have to pay, or VAT if you are in the European Union.

http://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycle ... nrod/11398


By xaler
Hello, thank you for your reply.
Do you know how much shorter the connecting rod is?
Powerful Hitchcocks connecting rod is so expensive for me.
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By Adrian
The EFI connecting rod and big-end dimensions are the same as the Electra-X, shorter than the classic rod..

The crank pin is a nominal 35mm diameter, 74mm long. The connecting rod is, as accurately as I can measure, 160mm between centres.

The EFI/UCE/AVL gudgeon/wrist pins are 20mm in diameter. The older models use 3/4" or 19.05mm diameter pins.

By xaler
That's great
You helped me a lot.
The connecting rod must be modified somehow, otherwise I will not get the power.
Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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