By Blown265
Hello Gents.
Has anyone experienced an apparent rev limit built into the Boyer Digital? (#200002)
This bike previously had a clean 7200rpm limit, but after installing the Boyer unit, dropped to 5800rpm. No other changes to the bike aside from the ignition, and total advance was set to the same as before. At 5800, the motor lays over in the normal way a deliberately set aftermarket rev limiter does.
The engine is based around a Bullet 500, and has the usual hotrod mods. The ignition that was working perfectly consisted of a modified factory centrifugal advance unit, points triggering an MSD. I changed the points assembly to the Boyer (now firing the MSD) looking for a more stable advance curve for the low rev range, and to eliminate some suspected points bounce at high revs.
Any suggestions from those who've experienced this before? Is anyone aware if the Boyer #200002 has a built in limiter? I haven't seen it mentioned in their literature, and so far, an email to Boyer hasn't been answered.
If it's not resolved, then the ignition will go back to the way it was.

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