By Danm
Hi All
I'm very new to the RE family so first of all: hello!
I have a small problem with high beam which basically doesn't work. That flash light yellow button doesn't work either. Low beam works normally. I've changed the bulb, checked cables, checked the switch, no luck. It's RE Electra X 2007, with, as far as i knows DC electrics.
Does anyone have any idea what that could be please? Any help would be much appreciated as MOT is due very soon :(
Thank you in advance
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By Adrian

Yes, this one has a normal 12V DC, negative earth lighting system.

From what you're saying it looks like everything is fine up until the dip switch. From there you can get juice to the dip filament but not the main. So that means re-checking the dip switch, the wire from the dip switch to the main beam, and ALSO the wiring from the main beam warning light in case there's some short circuit there. Finally check the connections at the headlamp bulb terminal block. My guess is one you've got your main beam back, the headlamp flasher will do its stuff too.


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