By Cov Lad
This afternoon as my work for the day was cancelled I had another attempt to find the problem with my intermittent spark on 2005 electra x. I took the bike for a burn around local country lanes, turning the bars and going through the gears. I covered about 10 miles without fault. Back home I removed the tank and gave connector blocks a spray of servisol. I also took apart the igintion switch and gave it a spray.

I noticed that the battery is very small about 4 x 5 inches - it is 12v 6 ah with 85a cold cranking ability, high capacity according to the website.
The other thing I have noticed is that the starter motor will not turn over when headlamp is switched on, is this normal?
I'm not sure what else to try to solve the mystery.
By Cov Lad
This is the information on their website:
Product Overview
12V 6Ah Maintenance-Free Sealed Motorcycle Battery - LTX7L-BS
A high capacity battery designed for most motorcycle, scooter,
Exceptional starting power- up to 30% more than traditional batteries
Robust design, vibration and shock proof
High resilience to deep and repeated discharge
Long-life build
Cold cranking ability: 85A

Would you suggest I replace the battery with a higher specification?
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By Adrian

You're being misled by the advertising blurb, it might be "powerful" for cranking over some low capacity two- stroke scooter engine, but you might have noticed that the Electra-X is a 500cc 4-stroke single with an 8.5:1 compression ratio.

The electric start puts a BIG load on the system, and as papasmurf has already stated, you need a FOURTEEN AMP HOUR battery to get the starter to work properly. That 6AH battery would be fine if your Electra had had all the electric start bits removed, but as you actually want the E/S to work, it is NOT fine, it is totally inadequate.

I suggest you get a Motobatt MBTX14AU AGM battery and show the thing who's boss.

The other problem is electronic ignition systems need 13.2 volt to work properly. ( 12volt battery in good condition and well maintained does achieve that. However a weak battery as has been described earlier will not produce 13.2 volts when operating the electric starter.
By Cov Lad
Thanks for the information, the battery was fitted by previous owner and hidden by the mass of wiring. I am planning to take the bike for mot today, the small battery is starting the bike, can I trust it for a 15 minute ride to mot garage and then order a new one or would you advise against. I rode about 15 trouble free miles yesterday.
By Cov Lad
papasmurf wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:01 pm
I am surprised the starter works at all with a low powered battery like that. The specified is 14AH, I have a 15AH solid state battery that has far more cranking amps than the original.
Papa smurf, do you have an electra? If so can you let me know details of your battery, I would prefer more power and it'd be good to know that it fits into the bike. Off for mot now.

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