By Charmor13
2016 500 classic.
I have a air injector unit mounted on the frame under the steering head, I has a 10mm? ID pipe leading from the air filter box to the top of the unit and another 5mm? id pipe leading from the inlet manifold to the bottom of the unit. A rubber pipe leads from the unit to the exhaust port joining a steel pipe [on the l/h side next to the exhaust header pipe
What is it? why is it there? is it absolutely necessary? what would happen if I remove it? ? there is no mentioning of this unit in the parts catalogue!
thanks, from sunny, in the middle of winter, South Africa
By ericpode
I think the general consensus is that it is superfluous. You can remove it and seal off the exhaust and inlet holes.
Incidentally, I found the PAV unit contains a one-way air valve and have used it to good effect on the crankcase breather.

Just realised, mine is a much earlier model, I hope someone will correct me if I am giving incorrect advice for 2015.

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