Anyone upped their Classic C5 Bullet Eli t o an 18 tooth front sprocket? I know it will reduce acceleration but after getting a 535 Continental which has an 18 tooth - I am tempted to get a longer gear in top. Any advice gratefully received.
I am running a 19 at the moment and love it.
Engine is running a power commander with a k&n filter and big bore exhaust so is able to pull the higher gearing without any trouble.
C5 originally was fitted with 18 front sprocket but for some reason it was dropped to 17 for Euro 4 models.
An 18 will be no problem on a standard bike.
An easy way to find if the bike is over-geared, is get on a fairly long flat road and see/hear if the engine can reach its peak revs in top gear. This is very noticeable if a sidecar is fitted and the engine struggles to get going at any pace in top gear.
Hi. I changed my B5 Euro4 front sprocket from 17 to 18 tooth about a year ago. Worth doing I think. Cruising at 60 better and 50 in fourth without feeling you are pushing it. Maybe 19 tooth too big a change without increasing power output though.
Many thanks for the replies which are very helpful. I am going ahead and ordering the 18th sprocket. I did not realise it used to be a standard fit on the C5 until Euro 4. Out on my GT 535 today and it would pulls liks a train with the 18 tooth.
Another here who has gone from an original fit 18 (2008 efi) to a 19 and the bike pulls it easily. Mine has a K&N and more open pipe but not sure that added more than 0.002 hp. I have recently added a Power Commander which has definitely smoothed things out and added/released more mid-range oomph.
I would say sprocket swap the single most cost effective change to make to a efi :)
Thanks job now done and it is big improvement. I did 400 miles round the Mull of Kintyre, Island of Arran, and back and it made for easier long sweeping empty road riding. And the roads were empty particularly to Tighnabruaich and the ferry to Tarbert, then the back road to Campbeltown and the sweeping bending A and B roads back to Tarbert. Perfect Bullet territory. Avoid the North Coast 500 unless in the shoulder months. If you want to enjoy a Bullet and thrash it on long open roads, head to Scotland, and head to the Mull of Kintyre!. I also fitted a VRP - vibration reduction plate. In truth, not entirely sure that was worthwhile but each bike is different.

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