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By DickC
Thank you Adrian, you have certainly got me thinking,.... I have a 2005 Electra X with 17000 miles on the clock,...oh dear!, its been off the road for 12 months as have had things to do, so I started Ruby up yesterday and of course now when I listen to that tapping noise she has had for quite some time I also hear alarm bells.
The thing is I have to sell one bike or two as I haven't room to move so do I sell the Royal Enfield that I love or the the Matchless G5 which is smaller and lighter (ie-kinder to my back) but a bit of an old nail.
I have removed the starter and converted the head to a decompressor as you recommended and starting is very easy, also I have fitted our hosts fork springs and it is now quite pleasant to ride,.. sounds like I have talked myself into spending a bit on a new big end etc, no doubt I shall ponder and dither about some more yet though.
Thanks everyone for a great Electra X saga.
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By Adrian

the failed big end on mine made a lot more than a tapping noise! Getting your crank rebuilt hopefully BEFORE the engine internals get sprayed with bits of the old crankpin is a wise move if the bike is a keeper. Are there any steel fragments in the gauze filter plugs?

By DickC
Well I drained the almost new oil out and there was nothing nasty there at all so its new oil plus magnetic filter and lets see how it is after a few miles.
The good thing about having a Royal Enfield is the great service we get from our host and I do fancy keeping the bike while I can still man handle it out of the garage so she may be a "keeper" with a new bottom end.
By Bullet Whisperer
My reply to another Electra X post, but it may be relevant here, too ... I tuned an Electra X at 17,000 miles, which has now done over another 10,000 miles according to the owner. It is ridden quite hard and will go well over 90 mph and is frequently ridden long distances at speed. So far, so good. I also stripped an engine showing fewer miles than the former for tuning [sorry, have no record of the numbers on the clock] and there was a lot of play in the big end, so, perhaps it is pot luck, but one thing that will help kill a big end, especially roller types as found in these machines, is to plod or thump around at low speeds in high gears, on large throttle openings and I suspect many R.E. machines are subjected to such treatment. I have also seen a fairly low mileage UCE crank with a knackered big end, so let's not assume we are 'out of the woods' where big ends are concerned. Change the [correct grade and type] oil frequently, use the gears and let them rev a bit with lighter loads and they may just make it!
By DickC
Thanks Bullet Whisperer, that all makes such sense to keep them revving a bit with light load etc and fingers crossed all shall be OK, what will be will be !
I plan to be at some BHR meetings this year so I hope your machines are out there, great meetings.
By EnfieldVA
Quite late to this, came across it while researching what is surely a sprag issue. At the risk of breathing new life into this beast, wondered how best to approach or describe a rebuild to mechanic if necessary. I could tackle removal of my sprag with a couple special order tools, but rebuilding the “bottom” is beyond my scope. Closest dealer to me is about a two hour ride.
I’ve got what is likely a very unique model bought here in the states- a 2009 AVL Bullet 500 as it was sold and registered. By the parts books hosted online here it’s the sixty-five chassis with the electra engine/electricals. I’m sure the geniuses in Chennai had spare parts lying around to fill a gap year until the EFIs came to our market.
Trying to understand if I’m at high risk, but just owning these seems to qualify for high risk. Some conflicting posts that perhaps later models were “improved”? Bike has been customized five ways from Sunday and is fun to cruise around. Seeing I’ve got to decide on this sprag and starter removal, doubt there’s much of a market for a kick-only bike here for resale. So I’m likely going to keep it to enjoy, but don’t want to end up on the side of the road.
Always learning here.
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By Adrian
Hi Sean,

your bike is the 500 AVL Classic, and it was indeed a USA-only model, though the Electra-X was also sold in the USA for a couple of years, as far as I can find out, I think the AVL Classic replaced the Electra-X for the last couple of years. That could have been with Electra-X production ceasing as it wasn't Euro 3 compliant. The USA regulations put up with the older engines for a couple of years longer than our governments did.

The later AVL engines did seem to improve somewhat, though you do still hear of the occasional failure, and that same design of big-end and con-rod carried on right the way through the EFI models including the 535CGT, the only change being the loss of the bronze little-end bush, with the gudgeon/wrist pin running directly in the steel of the rod. I don't know what the current Meteor and Classic have fitted. So if your big-end DOES go belly-up, a replacement rod and big end assembly is easy enough to get hold of, for not too many $$$. For a tougher fix there is a Jawa 350 speedway con-rod the same length, 160mm between centres, and I'm told the crankpin is the same diameter as the RE item with a higher spec needle roller bearing. As these are required to rev to insane speeds by roadster standards they ought to be able to cope with anything a competent RE Bullet rider could throw at them. Research time!

I'm assuming the VA bit means you're in the sate of Virginia.

By EnfieldVA
Thanks Adrian-
You know your history. This AVL classic was only around 2 years from my understanding as well. It’s a funny story, but the dude who sold me the bike here in, you’re right, Virginia, was named Adrian. He soon after disappeared. I always had this feeling at the time as a novice biker that maybe I was duped and he left town in the dead of night after one final sale like the magic bean salesman. Here I sit, with two shop manuals for one bike.
The mechanic that worked at the now extinct Enfield shop in town did the work to put the 535 mod on my bike, as well as fork work for a custom job. We’re still well acquainted so maybe she can give me some input. If she’s up for it and guides me, hell I’d be delighted to do the labor.

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By Nitrowing
First time I've seen this thread and it's the final nail in my RE's coffin.
I'll be getting mine MoT'd this week and then it'll be up for sale.
I could get a CG125 to out perfom and handle the standard bike and also hold it at WoT for tens of thousands more miles :?
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By Adrian
The issues with the Electra-X are well-known and have been out in the open for a long time now. However all the problems with them can be put right.

Plenty of other bikes available if these aren't your thing. Don't forget to put yours up for sale here if you want someone else to play big-end roulette.

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