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By Boxerman
Hi Folks, I'd like to pick your brains if I may?
The bike in question is a 2009 Electra EFI but I think this would apply to all bullets with a drum rear brake.
Is there any reason why I should not insert the rear wheel spindle from the sprocket / brake drum side?
The reason may be obvious but I cannot see it. It would make it easier to replace the rear wheel and line up the cush drive if the wheel is centralised on the spindle first.
I have tried this in the past, putting the spindle part way through, lining up the cush drive and putting the spacer in place to hold it while I remove the spindle and put it back in from the 'correct' side.
It seems that it would make more sense to just have the spindle that way round in the first place, but there may be a reason for it being the way it is?

I've asked this on another couple of forums so if you see it elsewhere, it'll still be me asking.

By Vince2
Hi, I had done this and have found it useful to align the cush drive. I think its more to do with keeping all the fasteners on one side. Vince

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