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By Creaky45
I have a 2019 (Euro4) Interceptor. I note the OBD port is 6 pins with 5 wires. I have an OBD scanner (cheapie) which works fine on my car and my Triumph America (when I had it). I see I can buy a cable to adapt the 16 pins to the one to fit the Interceptor. Has anyone used one of these. Also I now have a Euro 5 GT 650 but it has a different plug with only 4 wires (for memory) I have a permanent Engine light on it as I was mucking around with the 3 relays when I replaced them. The local dealers say they don't have the software to communicate with the Euro 5. Has anyone out there had any experience with OBD and 650 twins. I can supply many more details about my problem. Thanks

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