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By DavidC
Still have the sticking speedo problem and I'm waiting for a new speedo like everyone else. They say the needle sticks on the glass when hot. The needle seems to be clear of the glass but the black bit it's attached to is not. Decided to insulate the centre of the glass with a round elastoplast plaster. Just been out for a 40 mile ride in the hot sunshine without any speedo problems at all. First time this has happened for months. Will someone else please try this to confirm it's not just a coincidence. (see picture)
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I hope that this works for you!

I don't have a 350 (and don't suppose that I ever shall,) but there's a principle that worries me about this problem with speedometers.
A working speedometer is a legal requirement and it seems that several of these bikes have been sold with faulty ones. Therefore, you would be riding the bike on the road with no means of knowing the speed you are doing. Clearly, this is risky and there is the strong possibility of breaking the law.
Enfield's importers don't seem to be any more useful than a chocolate teapot, from what I've been told, and one result of this is a protracted wait for a replacement speedo.
If I'd bought a new bike and it developed a fault such as this, I'd be looking for compensation. Maybe a free loan bike from the dealer whilst my bike was repaired? Ask the dealer to remove a good part from an unsold bike to keep you (legally) on the road? Demand a refund for your purchase of the bike (or a new replacement bike) because they sold me something unfit for purpose?
Or just roll-over and accept it??

Your choice. I'm just growing more belligerent as the years pass by..... :cry:
By Jamesy
Royal Enfield as far as I know have not come up with a solution for the misting/condensation in the Interceptor Speedo.Its been ongoing for a while now.Mind you if you are stopped by plod for speeding on the classic 350 it's a good excuse having a faulty Speedo.
By Vince2
Hi, it comes as no surprise, the centre of the needle catching on the glass was a fault on my 1965 indian army bullet original speedo. The inner cable would spiral up and press the needle against the glass . Vince
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By Emmell350
The fault with the speedo needle is actually easily resolved by switching the ignition on and off a few times until the needle sweeps back to zero. So you are not riding with it showing the wrong speed all the time.
It obviously still needs to be addressed by Enfield.

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