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By MartinB
No I didn't bother ordering the cowl as I want to check out the looks once the new seat is fitted.

Also I've had some problems with a seat cowl on my Ducati Monster. The thing flew off and got scratched and also on that bike the design makes it harder to lift up the bike as it has no centre stand and access to the grabhandles / frame where lift from is restricted by the cowl.

I've had a message from our hosts that the new seat is on its way so I will post up once its been fitted and I have ad the chance to test it.
By MartinB
Well I fitted the seat which was dead easy-just fits in place of the OE one but cowl is definitely also needed.

Unfortunately I just found it less comfortable than the original so I have returned it .
I am informed however that I am the first person to have not got one with this product.
By Jamesy
That's interesting.I have since spoken to a custom seat builder who says he has modified both the standard seat and the touring seat for owners who found them uncomfortable.For the standard seat it keeps the same shape and is basically filled with a gel.He quoted me £120 to do the standard seat.
By MartinB
Hmmmmmmmm. Could be worth trying. I must admit I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't find the standard seat THAT bad but after an hour I'm beginning to shuffle about a bit. I wouldn't mind spending £120 if I was fairly sure I would be gaining another hour or so of comfort in the saddle.
By Jamesy
After an hour I am walking with a limp with that seat.Purchased one of these meantime for £18 to see if it helps.
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