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Just an update if anyone has had the same issues, all sorted now and running fine with all the electrics now behaving and not causing issues, as time went on I started to doubt the Battery more even though it was showing high voltage intermittently.

Yep cause, the battery, refitted with a new -Motobatt MBTX14AU - AGM Motorcycle Battery 12V 16Ah, works great.

Did also fit a New Japanese Regulator, though don't feel this was the cure.

Though still no electric start spins with lots of power but won't engage, is this the fate that Ive read about with the Electra and its Electric start, sprag clutch and all that stuff, is there way forward to make that work or is it aload of hassle and expense, would be interested to hear from anyone regards this.

Battery fitted in the compartment fine just had to put a different terminal on the positive side as it was to close to the frame if anyone is considering this battery for there Electra X 2008

Thanks for the various help with this thread over the last few weeks even though its tapered off recently.

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Hi Geoff,

glad it was just the battery like we suspected.

For the starter you'd have to strip it out in case a previously failed sprag has already been removed. Our hosts should have the bits. They also have an electric start upgrade kit with some sort of shock absorber built in to give a measure of back-fire protection, but it's over £700 with VAT! :mrgreen:

Hello Adrian,

Yes a lot of messing around just to find out it was the battery in the end, anyway at least its running now and I learnt a fair bit about taking it apart. Regards the electric start, well I'm not paying out to get it fixed and from reading up its looking like a game to do it yourself, luckily it kicks over well.

Think the damage was done when a few weeks ago when I was attempting to kick it over and I got a severe kickback and an unearthly metallic clang this happened twice, so i'm assuming that was the cog (sprag) taking its rightful passage and getting a severe smashing to pieces?

Seems this is what eventually comes around for Electra's, If that is the case is all the shrapnel contained in a certain area, is it though not ideal the done thing to just leave it?

I may just take off the starter motor now and is the TCI unit (Green one) rendered pointless on there now? as I still need to get the wiring under the seat looking less like a golden Eagles nest.

Cheers Geoff
Hi Geoff,

at the very least I'd have the primary outer cover off and see if it has spat any sprag debris out, you don't want that stuff damaging the clutch or alternator, and ideally strip all the starter gear train out. You used to be able to get ten-hole inner primary covers without the hump for the starter gubbins which looked a lot neater, though the left-foot shift version was quite rare. Price Part Motorcycles sometimes have them if our hosts' don't have any. If I remember I'll try and find you a part number.

If your bike's kick-starting and running fine on the green TCI I'd leave it alone. The TCI off a Suzuki GS125 gives a slightly better advance and retard range, but unless it bothers you, keep what's on there.

Thanks Adrian for going to the trouble of finding that, I'll keep that info and bookmark the link.

At the moment to be honest I'm not in hurry to dismantle anything towards the Sprag clutch area after having in bits looking for the last source of problems, right now it kicks over well and runs and that will do me while we have this weather.

Cheers for your knowledge and help.

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