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Hi Geoff,

I'm still in Totton, though Downton (as in Cuckoo Fair and Hopback Brewery) is a pleasant chug through the forest and into Wilts. from here, as you know. Happy to come over if you think I could be of assistance. Getting all the damaged wires and terminals replaced shouldn't be too hard. I wired up my current (sorry!) REs from scratch, no major catastrophes yet.

I'm assuming you already have the workshop manual with the wiring diagrams, but if not grab the free download from our hosts.

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for the reply, I was Eling pretty much Totton initially, just a walk from the water which I liked and yes almost Downton as in Cuckoo fair just two miles back up the hill in Woodfalls .

Just seen your post from - Wed Jul 13, 2022 12:47 pm - I went through them yesterday - anyway.

My Headlight bulb did blow about a week ago prior to all this escalating and I recall it even though I managed to kick it over and start it, there was a hint of it acting up as since then it became more of a problem.

Fitted another bulb that hasn't blown yet.
I haven't opened up the handle bar switch gear yet.
Battery seems fine.
I've ordered a 3 phase R/R from eBay £20 should be here today or tomorrow. Its for a Suzuki, looks indentical read from some other forums where these have been used, so trying that over a Enfield one for £80/90.
Ordered some connectors as looks like one side ( 3 yellow wires to stator) will need to be changed over.
The ammeter did start to drop fairly rapidly before this all went stupid.

My Bike is still in the forest where some one has kindly stored it while I mess about though I need to get it back here now.
Next plan is to take the R/R and put that on while round there and in the ideal world have it fire up and I go but at the latest I will get it AA Relayed home on Monday.

Wondering now about the switch gear on the handle bars is this something you have come across causing issues electrical wise?

Considering getting the bike back today but heading to Bridport to try and catch some Mackeral so not back till late Saturday

If I'm not getting anywhere with this when I have it home then I'd definitely take up your offer for coming round and helping me out that would be much appreciated.

I'll keep you posted what's going on, latest Monday my bike would be back here.

Strikes me as really funny back in the 70s 80s and 90s we used to fit superdream reg/rec's to Suzuki's as the Suzuki one's were rubbish

Don't worry the aftermarket one's are fine

Thanks for the memory Dai
I had a CB125J Honda years ago which started running very badly one the lights were on. Swapped the rectifier out for one of those small square ones I was keeping for a BSA project (when Zener diodes on big heat sinks were still a thing). Sorted.

Geoff, let me know if you'd still like a hand next week, we'll think of some spam-proof contact.

Ok will do Adrian, down in Bridport at the moment, probably just going to get my bike AA relayed back on Monday and see how that new r/r that has arrived behaves fitted, though may open the handle bar switch gear as you mentioned that, before chopping into the r/r incase there is some obvious issue inside. If I'm still getting knowhere then it would be great if you could help me out, I'll let you know how I get on.
Hi Adrian, cheers for the message, I didn't get back till late last night. Always good down at Bridport tend to end up most the time at Hive Beach just up from West Bay, no mackerel about in big shoals just yet, so heading back again in a few weeks.

Anyway I'm forgetting its an Enfield forum here.

Got round to the Bike today, luckily undercover in the shade as stupid hot as we all know, and put the other regulator on, though I wasn't feeling positive about that solving the problem and it didn't unfortunately, I didn't go into all the handle bar switch gear as I was starting to feel I was overstaying my welcome's where the bike was stored so I arranged for the AA to relay me back home.

If its not to Bonkers hot tomorrow (Tuesday) where my bike is outside then I will have a look into this handle bar switch gear where some fault may show itself , after that then I'm just going round in circles wasting my time, if that's the case then it would be great to take up your offer of you coming round to help me out, obviously when a time fits with you.

I'll see how I get on tomorrow or Wednesday and let you know regardless and send you my number here.

Thanks a lot
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