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Hi Adrian,

I had at another nose around the bike again today when the heat eased off abit, checking out all the bulbs in the speedo as there is no sign of life, had the speedo out to check all the four small bulbs - speedo Illumination / Indicator / Neutral / High beam . The speedo Illumination light was black almost and had melted slightly the white plastic inside you could just make it out when you looked in but was visible on the bulb (attached a pic). The other three appeared to be fine but I can't conjure up any light not even a neutral light now.

Also the Side light has blown along with the main beam looking like the last one that stopped working.
Amp meter illumination bulb works
The two exterior front side lights work.
Horn attempt to work but then puts out any lighting, Horn also will be full of life for a second or two.

Haven't gone into the handle bar switchgear yet, as trying to avoid unravelling it all at the moment, not sure now what is going on with it. Trying to work out what would have made that bulb heat up so much as sure that's key to what is a problem?

If I'm getting nowhere tomorrow I will get Amanda to private message you my Mobile number via The Enfield Facebook forum (can't recall the proper title) As it would be really good to take up your offer to help me out

This is the latest:

Have got the bike running but was misfiring when applying some throttle same as when it came to an end in the forest.

Changed over the unblown high beam speedo light to the blown neutral light.

From ignition on the neutral light is dim along with a rubbish sounding horn, then suddenly all springs into life, bike will kick over at this point but no chance with the Electric start, just try this now and again to see.

Took the battery out and removed the cradle it sits in to access some wiring behind to check, mainly the wiring to the side stand that is stupidly close to the chain and the wiring to the neutral switch on the back of the gearbox (think that's what it is judging from comments on here at what to look at) have given this a look over and a shake about, can't see any obvious dodgy wiring.

With engine running doesn't seem to be missing so much but has developed occasional rapid flashing indicators when switched on.

Voltage on the battery has been fluctuating:
Tested this morning from overnight - around 12:70

When running - around 13:50/75

But you could test it 10 minutes later when not running and it could be around 9:75

Its all an odd one.
Hi Adrian,

I reckon I may be getting on top of this now and with out going into a load of detail its looking like the source of my problem is the headlight.

Got the orange / Blue / Green wires attached to the headlight as normal and this is when the problems continue, (how and why I don't know) noticed every time I put the high beam on it would all start playing up fading and flickering lights.

But with some trial and error found out if I left off the Orange wire disconnected from the Bulb then everything started to behave (kicked over nice, didn't miss fire, electrics worked along with solid unfaltering clock lights) also did a continuity test on the orange wire traced from the headlight bulb to a connector block in a mish mash of wiring on the frame and nothing registered, all the others showed a reading. If there is a break in that wire then its in the long loom that runs up the left of the frame under the tank. Not into cutting into that just yet as its looking a right mess as it is so abit at a time here, so aiming at putting a rough wire in place along side to see if all works before doing a tidy version, not quite sure how yet.

Looking back at your posts read about your battery to amp meter wire breaking in the loom so obviously this can happen.

Was close to getting in touch with you today but kind of been wanting to work it out for myself, not saying its the end of the problem just yet so I may still be in touch but its looking clearer than it was yesterday.

Could something like that cause such a shed load of problems? be interested to read what you thought.

Also the wiring is generally looking a right mess and more so now where ive been tearing into it, I want to start tidying it all up along with better waterproof connections and re binding lengths of wire together, so reading that you've you've rewired Enfields from scratch is there some good tape (covering) to do this with as opposed to just cheap black insulating tape, also other fittings that can make a neater job of it all.

Hi Geoff,

I'm glad you're making some progress.

Right, the headlamp unit: it doesn't need a pilot bulb because you have the two in the casquette. That should just leave three wires, dip, main and earth, if I remember correctly orange on the left as you look at the back of the unit with the H4 bulb and terminal fitted is earth, blue is main and green is dip, I'll have to check the diagram.

So how are the headlights working at all with no earth?

Check your headlight connections are correct, and also, if its a problem on main beam, disconnect the main beam warning light in case there's a short circuit there and try again.

The Electra-X used industry standard 2.8mm block connectors and 3.9mm Japanese style Bullet connectors, with the odd ring terminal thrown in, I think where improvements can be made is in the quality of the wiring you use and better weatherproofing . If cheapo insulating tape doesn't appeal there is always self-amalgamating tape, or use good quality plastic sleeving. The Indian stuff, like the wire insulation, tends to go brittle.

Our hosts have various electrical accessories, but for other sources of terminals there is (e.g.) Towzatronics on eBay or this lot:

Still here if needed.

Hi Adrian cheers for the reply a couple of days back. Thought I'd wait to reply till I had an update.

Generally still arsing about with the electrics, it has been a lot more stable with less faltering lights and clock lights but then you may feel your on top of it and go ahead and pull the front brake or try an indicator after its been fine for ages and all the clock lights will go out, 15 seconds later all fine again, there is no real pattern with it.

Tested the battery this morning before touching anything and it showed 12.5 volts so that's good, then as soon as I turned the ignition the neutral light cut everything out to about 0.5 volts. Ten seconds laters 12.5 v all fine you could put all the lights on and it would just dip to around 12v that seems quite normal. Friday morning same procedure ignition on, no issues at all.

Appears there was no problem with that high beam from the light after all.

Also i've fitted the new R/R

Today Saturday it has been seeming quite ok so put it back together and had it starting and running really well the amp meter gauge was hovering about just under a quarter into the positive side which looked quite healthy just dipping slightly when putting the lights on, no alternating lights just solid so all good, decided to take it out not to far on the flat in case it played up. The bike was running really well so my confidence with it was returning, for awhile I just rode with no lights on, brake light was working fine, then I wanted to test how it would cope with the lights again , put the headlight side light on first for awhile, it was running good then all of a sudden the power just dropped along with the amp meter noticeably dropping at the same time, didn't cut out but had that misfiring feel to as before but I dropped the revs and managed to cautiously get back home, as soon as I got back with it still running I thought then I would test the main lights to see what effect it had, and it cut the engine out. So I shut the door and went and had a cup of tea.

That's where I am with it all at the moment, thought I had it sorted but no that's not the case, luckily didn't end up in another forest stable.

Im going to get Amanda to private message you my number this evening if you don't mind returning yours then I could give you a call, unless from my description here something obviously stands out what it I could look at next.

Appreciate your time responding with all this.

Thanks Geoff
Thanks Wheaters, it is an odd one. The only wiring I haven't ripped into yet is the long bundled stretches that run up either side of the frame under the tank, I mean i've had the tank off, just holding off that area as I can't see how they could break inside there or is that me just not having a ton of experience with them.

Something did happen this morning that I forgot to mention to Adrian earlier, I had the side stand down when the lights were all dim and being rubbish then I kicked the stand up and the jolt made the lights come on (couldn't re create it though), i've been routing around everywhere to hopefully see something obvious exposed wire wise but that still doesn't add up with the power failure today after having the side light on to test and at the same time the amp meter dropping.

I Seem to be messing about fixing this bike more than riding it but strangely becoming more attached to it, rode really nice earlier. Has the Enfield spell been cast.

Was hoping to head back out awhile later to see if it had come to its senses after its behaviour earlier, but no it was lifeless, not even a flicker.

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