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Hi all
My Bullet India import has a fault with the indicators and main beam.
It's not the bulbs or the fuses (checked the fusebox fuse and the one under the seat)
I can get the bulbs to light directly.
The nearside indicator did work, don't know what changed.
The mainbeam works on flashing but not when set to dipped. The "P" setting works.
This bike has less than 200 miles on the clock, it's hardly been on the roads and has been dry stored since new.
I wonder if anyone knows where I should start my search for the fault? The usual suspect places?
Thanks very much
Plus one on bad earth

When I rewired mine I ran separate earths back from inside the headlight back to my main earth behind the battery box
It always seems to me a bit daft to expect an electrical system to earth itself via steering bearings.
I usually arrange a direct earth from the headlamp back to the battery.

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