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By stinkwheel
Adrian wrote:
Sat Jun 18, 2022 8:20 pm
Who'd have thunk we would have got two pages worth of posts about an oil drain plug? S.I.G.!
However at least 4 different thread systems have been mentioned, any of which could conceivably be found on the bike somewhere.
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By radicaldoc
thanks guys ordered new on from H all old refitted after resizing ald plug for time being with "PROPER" copper washers..should get new one in a couple of weeks...
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By radicaldoc
well final post ....
i ordered it and it cost me 4.62 pounds i got it today and the import tax was 6,15€ something wrong can tax be more than the cost??.... so all in all the oil plug cost me 14 quid..... :?

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