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By Mr4Square
Haggis wrote:Euro 3 has rear drum brake.
Euro 4 moved to rear disc with abs and a different ecu.As far as I know there were no changes to the initial EFI up until Euro 4. My RE are all euro 3.
That is how I understand it too and correct according to the Hitchcock parts book. I did get caught out at first because the bike was registered as 2018.
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By Mr4Square
Boxerman wrote:
Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:25 am
Will a 2016 bike have the first model EFI? mine's a 2009 and the EFI's were introduced in 2008 weren't they? so are you saying that the system wasn't changed until 2017? Don't know what 'Euro' mine is but it is reliable [after fixing the fuel pressure issue].Frank

Yes no change with the EFI till 2016 What was the fuel pressure issue ?
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By Boxerman
To cut a long story short, I spent a lot of time & money replacing parts and adjusting things as advised by various groups, to cure the rough [and I mean rough] running.
Turned out to be the spring in the pressure regulator had broken, so the fuel pressure was only around 12 psi instead of the required 40.

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By Mr4Square
So it came to this …

As an experiment they converted the bike to run on a carburettor… rigged up a Suzuki tank and a Mikuni carb.

And ….everything ran sweet… all the problems went away. Diagnosis… it’s the ECU stupid.

Given that a new ECU costs more than a carb conversion and I’m trying to get the look as old school as possible, that’s the road I’m going down. Thanks for your thoughts Haggis

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