By DavidC
Had my new classic for three weeks now and the speedo keeps sticking at 20mph. Is cured by switching the ignition on/off several times, but happens again after a few miles. Anyone had the same problem?
By Duke of Wybourne.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Royal Enfield ownership. I'd get right on to your dealer and get it replaced. (Speedo) Hope you are enjoying the bike.
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By Emmell350
I have had the same welcome to the world of Royal Enfield with my 350 Chrome.
Two weeks old and just coming up to 200 miles on the running in process, and today the speedo went right off the scale - I was apparently doing 110 through a small village in the Cotswolds...
Stopping to see what was up it still read over 100mph, but after switching it on and off a few times it eventually reset itself, only to play up again after a few miles. Mine seems to get stuck at 30.
Then after switching on, the needle either won't budge or sweeps right over into the bottom of the speedo but won't go back to zero.
Several more goes at switching on and off have finally got it back to zero, and it's now logged with the supplying dealer who will put in a warranty claim when I take it in for the 300 mile service. The digital mileage readout is not affected.
Be interesting to see how widespread this issue is, or is it just bad luck for the two of us?
Have to say though the rest of the bike is lovely - so far.
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By Gubble
2022 Classic 350 Chrome here with the same problem.

Intermittent fault occurs turn the bike on speedo needle doesn't sweep round and it whilst riding it thinks I'm doing 10mh at about 40mph

Booked into the dealership next week to diagnose/repair

Not good to hear others with the same issue......
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By stinkwheel
It's to give you an authentic 350 enfield owning experience. When my iron barrel 350 bullet was new, the needle fell off the speedo after 400 miles.
By Paul Grace
I believe they will swap out the speedo. Seems it has something to do with the glass being too close to the needle and temperature causes it to stick. I don't think modified speedos are available just yet so you might get another sticky one in it's place! That's what I've been told anyway! PS Nice bikes though.
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By Emmell350
I was starting to think it was something to do with temperature as mine has done it consistently over the last few weeks during a hot day's ride, particularly after it's been parked up in the sun. I decided not to get my speedo replaced at the first service but to keep an eye on it instead to see what happens.
However, the theory of the temperature being the cause seems to fall down when you realise these bikes were primarily made for the Indian market! Surely it must be a constant problem there?
Sounds like RE might need to do a recall if it's continuing to be a problem with lots of bikes?
By Stephan
I’ve have had the same problem on mine the first day, several times. Till then,(a week and 230km) it never happens again despite temperatures are over 30c. So not an heat problem I would say.
By DavidC
Still have the same problem, warranty claim done several weeks ago but no replacement yet from Royal Enfield. Seems to happen most after using the brakes a lot, after riding through town in traffic, stop starting, traffic lights etc. Perhaps it's the sensor that gets hot?

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