By Justin
Hi all
I have a 2008 Bullet 350cc, India made import. It was starting just fine and then the battery was flat, now it is charged I can't get a thing out of it. I'm a bit of a nube. What should I check first? (The battery is strong now and there is fuel)
Thanks for any ideas.
Cheers, Justin
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By stinkwheel
Is the ammeter dipping when you kick it over? If not, you aren't getting a spark. Worth checking for a spark at the plug anyway even if it is dipping.
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By stinkwheel
No dip means it's not powering up the points or they are making poor contact.

One thing I'd check is the earths. Make sure the battery is properly connected (I dimly recall there being two earth ring terminals on a standard bullet, it's easy to miss one of them). Also the other end of the main earth strap bolts on somewhere behind the battery box and is prone to corrosion, it needs a clean metal-on-metal contact.

Also check the main fuse.

May also be worth giving the points face a quick file.
By Justin
Thanks very much. Gives me a really good idea where to start. A lot of the wires keep breaking also, when I took the battery off to charge it the positive terminal just broke off. The guy I bought the bike from said I should pay attention to the points.
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By Adrian
I wouldn't have high hopes for the integrity of 15 year old Indian wiring. Careful check of ALL the wires from battery to ammeter, ammeter to ignition switch, and from there to the points. I had the main wire from the battery to the ammeter break where in the wiring loom where it used to flex around the headstock. Try hot-wiring from the battery straight to the coil, if it starts and runs OK, work back until you find the culprit.

By Justin
Hi all
Finally managing to look at the bike.
Still won't start. I've checked the fuses, battery and the points.
Also, the indicators and headlight don't work, but it's not the bulbs.
I somehow doubt its the spark plug, seems electrical as the ammeter doesn't move on a kick. Or indeed when the key is turned on.
Any ideas would be super helpful.
By Daiwiskers
Check for power on both sides of the ammeter ignition on
If you only get power on one side it could well be the ammeter at fault

Are you sure the battery and main fuse are ok? it sounds like you have no power anywhere, it could just be a battery that won't hold charge

Hope this helps Dai

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