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By ssepiol
My 2001 bullet 500E is very hard to start. Mostly it just back fires thru the carb. When it does start it only for a moment and it will back fire thru the carb and stall. New intake manifold, spark plug, carb cleaned, points look good. Maybe timing?
Thanks in advance.
By Daiwiskers
Always look a the last thing that was done to the bike otherwise i would look at
First thoughts ignition timing too advanced
Second thoughts possible inlet valve issue
Third air leak on inlet side
Fourth fuel supply
Was it running before you changed the inlet manifold
Could just be the way you're trying to start it
Couple of thing's to look for but that's where I would start

Hope this helps Dai
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By Chris [Stockport]
Following on from Dai: Has anyone else tried starting it? I don't mean they'd be better than you at all, just different:

I ask, because I have two 500cc Bullets and they both start different from each other, so, I'm used to both of them individually.

One, in particular, needs a bit more throttle when it's warm, or it won't start. Then it's ok.

Maybe worth a few different techniques??

Good luck,
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By stinkwheel
Making sure the battery is charged is also a good one. They will continue to make a spark until the battery is nearly dead but it's not necessarily a very good one, at the correct time or every time.

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