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By 73a
My 350 2000 bullet has the following issue , please can someone tell me if this is correct or a fault.

My high beam light flash switch (yellow button) only works when the main light switch is in the off position on the rhs handle bar.

The high beam works correctly on the rocker switch high beam/low beam on left handle bar with lights on.

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By stinkwheel
It's complicated. The flash is usually wired up to run on DC from the battery, the headlamp itself on AC direct from the alternator. So the "flash" and high beam are two totally seperate circuits. If you could flash while the headlight is on, you'd be putting unrectified AC into the battery (which would not be good for it)

If this is the case on your bullet (there are variations between years), the flash should work with the engine off, but the headlight will not.

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