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By Trev
I'm on my second 500 efi Classic, the first a 2008 model, my 'new one' a 2017 euro 4 model and test rode a Meteor a few weeks ago which, performance, handling, braking wise, etc should be very near Main differences I found:

Much better quality of fittings like switchgear, levers, welds, paintwork, footpegs, etc, etc
Lower seat height and obviously different footpeg position
Far less thump and less vibration (although my 2017 bike is s lot better that my 2008 bike in this respect)
Better brakes, front has more feel and rear is wayyyy batter than the drum on the 2008, disc on 2017 is fine
Handling on both is fine, a bit 'softer' and less direct on the Meteor, not better or worse IMO just different
Performance on the Meteor feels quite peppy at lower seeds but just runs out out of puff above 60 where the 500 will pull much better. However (and it's s big however) the Meteor feels like it will hold it's top speed, even if you have to cog it into fourth, forever, where as of course the 500 feels less than happy at higher engine speeds.
I didn't go for the Meteor, and likewise probably won't the 350 Classic as much of the riding I do with it is two up and I felt it just doesn't quite have enough urge to haul two of us around some of the steep lanes we like to ride.

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