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By MikeDodd
Hi all,
First time post here but I was hoping to get a little assistance if at all possible.

I'm just starting to restore an old 1949 model J2 which is in pretty bad shape. It belonged to my Grandfather and was used as a farm bike for many years here in NZ when he bought it (which at a guess would have been sometime over the 50s/60s).

Unfortunately, prior to me getting a hold of the bike it had sat for quite some time in a barn..... by the sea..... (see attached pics) and the rear rim and spokes have rotted through. The hub was salvageable however, so a good strip and repaint with some new bearings has that sorted however I'm unsure what the rim to hub offset should be when I come to lace a new rim up? Is there anyone that has one of these bikes that could take a measurement of the offset for me?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance
Mike from New Zealand
By MikeDodd
Hi Vince, yeah this was going to be my backup plan. As the frame is fairly tweaked (as a farm bike it's gone end over end down hills over its life), I need to get all that set up in a frame jig and straightened first.
I was just seeing if anyone had a wheel they were able to measure so could build the wheel while working on straightening the frame.
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By Adrian
I see our hosts have a couple of used model CO wheels in the second hand parts section, have a look at items USED 3522/1 and see if they have the same hub as your J2. A look at the on-line parts books might help too.

If they're the same, maybe ask if someone at our hosts could measure one of those up? Otherwise I'd go with Vince2's advice.

By MikeDodd
Hi Adrian,

Apologies for my very delayed reply! Thanks for that - I hadn't thought about the CO rear wheel. It does look to be the same hub - I'll drop them a line and see if they are able to measure.

Otherwise I'll line it up with in the frame and work out the offset (once I've straightened the bent frame.... haha)

Thanks again
Hi Mike,
Are you still out there? Am in NZ as well, can help with information on your J2 if you still need it. Txt me on 0 two one one 0 5 eight one 3 two. The CO rear wheel is different than the 500, smaller 6" brake, the J2 has a 7" and wider hub. But what a great bike.
By MikeDodd
Hi Ian,
Yes I'm still out here! Another person in NZ with a J2 is great news (I've got plenty of questions)! I'm just out of the country for a couple of weeks at the moment but will definitely get in touch when I'm back. What part of the country are you in? I'm up in Auckland.
Hi Mike,
Am in Pukekohe so not too far. What a great project you have. Mine is actually a 1949 Model J with interesting history. Has 25,000 miles on the clock, was ridden from 1950 to 1955 then put in a shed. Has only ever had 2 riders. I am the 3rd owner. Enjoy yourself overseas, no doubt Jacinda will be at the airport gates to welcome you back.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Ian

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