Hi all just returning to the forum after a good few years without an Enfield.

Picked up my mates 2007 registered (UK Watsonian updated) 350cc Bullet with just 7,500 km on the clock it started first kick but only ran for a minute and spluttered - repeated several times - decided to strip everything off the bike to enable a good clean and check over. Fuel smell indicated it was going stale so all cleaned out , carb stripped and cleaned and air lined. All back together today but nothing!

Further checks suggest the fuel tap wasn't allowing fuel through verified by connecting separate fuel line Bike started and ran fine. Removed tap main and reserve pipes through with compressor reassembled but still no fuel!

Assume defective - new tap etc ordered - Question Is it possible to strip down the petrol tap and also can you undo the clear filter bowl and if so how - it does not budge!

Welcome back :D

Depends on which type of fuel tap it has!

If it’s the type with a grey plastic bowl with a hexagon on the bottom it should unscrew using a socket wrench and it has an o ring type seal. Inside is a nylon diaphragm filter. If you can’t remove it without breaking it then problem solved, buy a new one! Or you could try back flushing it with fuel or white spirit.

I think a more reliable setup would be a plain tap with a clear plastic bodied canister filter in the fuel line. It will have more capacity than a small filter in the tap before it blocks up. Obviously it would be a good idea to clean out the tank.
I have found most of the available taps to be decidedly lacklusture.

I've found OMG branded taps to be reasonably good and reasonably priced.

I went full silly on my 612 though and fitted a pingel tap designed for a Harley (second hand mind!). Needed a really oddball adapter to go from NPT to BSPT threads but the thing oozes quality. Fuel flow is NOT an issue with one of these, turning it on is like upending a bucket. 1.4 litres/min.
By mauri
the whole tap can be pulled apart.

the clear plastic base unscrews and the plastic ring (see smaller picture below on the right)behind the lever can be pushed forward to reveal a knurdeld ring that enscrews!


given that a sealeant hasend been used and has found is way in to the fuel tap locking everything in place :|
Thanks Mauri it was indeed the information regarding access to the tap itself I was looking for as I want to see what the ethanol has done to the rubber washers inside the tap.

I took the plunge and bought a replacement from Hitch cocks had to be the Karcoma due to the reduced thread tank to tap bike started straightaway idles and runs great Fantastic service ordered at 4pm and delivered at 0830 the following morning!

Problem now is that changing down the box I keep missing the gears and drop into false neutrals anyone any ideas?

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