By Pellow71
I have just changed the oil and filter in my Meteor 350 after doing the first service myself and found it really annoying that the filter didn't come with a replacement O ring for the cover. I think Royal Enfield should supply one with the filter. I now have a slight weep from this cover and can't find a new O ring anywhere unless you buy a 500km kit from India. I have tightened the allen bolts up to 10 Nm and am afraid to go any tighter. Does anyone know the part number for the O ring?
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By Rushour
I did the first service on my Supernova and had no trouble using the old seal - I would try undoing the bolts and re-tighten - the O ring is part number RLN00015 but they had none when I bought the filter.
By Pellow71
Thanks for that. I have done what you suggested and am waiting for the weather to improve to try it out. I it still leaks I will make a gasket and fit that. The Euro V Himalayan has a similar looking cover and uses a gasket which comes with the filter and its cheaper!
By Pellow71
It doesn't leak now after a 20 mile run. Removal of cover and O ring and reassembly cured the weep. On page 161 of the service manual it states that "O ring is one time use only DO NOT REUSE" so why not supply it with the filter? I had guessed the torque setting right. It is between 10Nm-12Nm.

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