By noam
Hi freinds,

On my 2017 500 classic efi, the nutral light in the speedometer does not turn on when the Nutral gear in in a position.

I have checked the gear switch and is supply grounding when shifting gear to nutral.
I have checked for 12v in the head light connector with a volt meter (dc) and no indication for 12v.

any one can advise where is the next contact poin that supply 12v to the nutral bulb that i need to check?


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By Davedup
There should be a live feed to the bulb when the ignition is on and the neutral switch earths it (at least that's how my earlier bike and most other bikes I've had work).
I assume it's the same?
By noam
I have checked and when the ignition switch is on there is no 12v on the live line.
please advise wher is the next contact in the harness after the pilot plugge

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