By jawa-enfield
Adrian wrote:
Sun Jul 11, 2021 5:08 pm
If the holes bored for the cam spindle are at a wonky angle instead of parallel to the front axle, you have two choices.

1. Throw the brake plate on the scrap heap and keep looking for one which HAS been machined accurately, there might be one or two out there;

2. Take the brake plate to a competent engineer who cam mill out the cam housing so that it DOES point in the right direction and fit a bronze bush for the cam spindle.

3. (Yes, I know I mentioned two choices) Fit the forks off an early C5 EFI Bullet (2009 - 2011) and a disk brake front wheel. Electra-X and Electra-EFI forks will also fit the headlamp casting.

Tanks! it will be 1 i think.. maybe i will go for the older type where the pivoits are bolted on, maybe that is sturdier (when the are bent due to the braking pressure.. the have the corresponding off-direction?)
I cannot notice any difference in rigidness or 'more metal'between the two versions.
By p
.....In which case the fault lies in the alignment in backplate and not bent pivots. The pivots are milled and pressed in, they really shouldn't be slack enough to turn.
I looked, for example, at a 1995 (tls option) parts diagram and noticed part number 142854, I don't know if your backplate can be modified easily to take these bolt on pins.... a search may find 'bolt ons' with grooved pins; our host will know; but don't worry too much about the groove - the ridge is easily filed out of the shoes making them universal!
By jawa-enfield
And... same thing with the brake plate of the other enfield... seriously no fun anymore.
With this brake plate, i know it was not like this!
So the do bend....

Will scavenge for the older type brake plate...
ankplaatscheef.jpg (85.14 KiB) Viewed 1016 times
By jawa-enfield
I have installed an old type (with bolted pivots) brake plate equipped with bonze bushes against the excess play on the brake cams.
The adjusting is much more 'clear'.. an direct.. when the 26 TPI allen bolts arrive (for the inlet manifold) i can do a test drive.

In meanwhile a German parts dealer has front brake plates equipped with steel bushes for the brake cam spindles? They say it is original-enfield.. never saw this before?(also not from our host?)
By Sandraux18
jawa-enfield wrote:
Sun Jul 11, 2021 5:16 am
If they bend under the strain of braking then replacing the item will be useless.
With the first one i encountered this déménagement Lille, i thought the machined down braking cams to 50% of the original width- in search of more stoppingpower- maybe would be at fault..

Are the older type plates, with the screwd in pivots better?
Maybe with a front and rear disc system it would be more efficient.

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