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By Adrian
I've seen pictures of this with the EFI Bullets, I don't know if it's so common with the older models, Vince might like to add a bit more information.

The one pre-EFI frame I came across which actually did have a piece broken was a 2006 up for sale on eBay, one of the lugs for the rear engine/gearbox mount had snapped, though it looked like a straightforward welding job to repair and possibly reinforce it.

A possible bargain for someone else, I thought, but as the seller was flogging off the rest of the bike I managed to get most of the bottom end of the engine fairly cheap!

By vince
Hi, the break under the gearbox was straight through the tube midway between the bottom lug and swingarm. When the bike arrived the footrest bar was loose and the bolt attaching the engine plate to the engine was missing a nut. Both factors in the cause of the break by allowing flexing. The other frame was broken at the lug for the big bar over the gearbox, once again this was loose. Both frames were repaired by welding. At a rally some years ago there was a bullet where the above said engine bolt was missing and you could see the frame flexing as he rode passed. When I mentioned it to him he was dismissive. Vince

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