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By bob1
I have a strange problem when I first ride my 2007 iron bullet after a few days of not being used. When I gently apply the rear brake for the first time the wheel locks up as if I was performing an emergency stop. After that the brake works fine. I have experienced this problem before and on investigation found a cracked brake shoe. There was no other obvious problem that I could find so I fitted replacement shoes from our host. Unfortunately after several more years of working perfectly the problem has returned and once again I have found a cracked brake shoe. I was very careful now to damage the replacement shoes when I fitted them. Has anyone had this happen to them?
By jawa-enfield
I've had the same thing with a '94 bullet, the shoe was right in half!
Terrible noise in the rear drum and quite some damage..
By jawa-enfield
Please check, was the wear over the linings even? And look of the pivot point is mounted straight on the brake plate..
By vince
Hi, if the floating cam bush is not locked the brake self servos there is a loud bang and the back plate or shoe is destroyed. The manual states the brakes are adjusted and then the cam is tighted up solid. Vince
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By bob1
Thanks for your replies.

jawa-enfield:- The pivot pin is mounted straight on the baseplate and the wear on the linings appears to be even.
vince:- I think you have diagnosed my problem. In my ignorance I did not realise that the floating cam bush should be adjusted and then locked in position. Mine was loose and 'floating'.
I have found a paragraph in the repair manual that our host has kindly supplied us which reads:-

"Note that the bolt holes in the cover plate for locating the rear brake cam bush are slotted,
to enable the brake shoe assy. to be centered in the drum. The brake cover plate assy with the
shoes should be fitted over the spindle into the brake drum and the brake applied as hard as
possible by means of the operating lever. This will centre the shoes in the drum. The brake
cover plate assembly should then be removed and the screws should then be tightened fully
and secured with the lock nuts. If the shoes are not correctly centred, the brake will be either
ineffective or too fierce. depending on whether the trailing or leading shoe first makes contact
with the drum. With the brake assy, correctly centered and screws securing the cam housing
correctly tightened wear on both linings should be approx equal."
Thanks again .

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