By 73a
Hi my electric start 2006 bullet wont turn over using the starter motor , ok on starting with the kick starter.

I have removed the motor and tested the motor and it works and runs with an external 12 vdc source.

My battery voltage is 12.6 vdc no load and and 12.14 vdc when start button pushed

The circuit is complete and all voltages and grounds correct to the motor supply cable when the start button is pushed are correct .

My question is how to you prove the sprag clutch is u/s , my pinion wheel 56014 spins freely in an anti clockwise direction and unable to turn freely clockwise., when looked from starter motor side.

Your help would be appreciated. Cheers ng
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By Adrian
Just to clarify, is the starter motor whizzing round to no effect when you press the button, or is it still acting dead when you press the button even though you know the motor itself is OK? If it's the latter, try short-circuiting the big terminals on the starter solenoid to see if that make it turn over. If THAT works, you have a dead or stuck solenoid. Also if you haven't already done so, check neutral indicator switch if fitted and the clutch lever switch.

I assume the spin the pinion wheel 56014 is being done with a finger in the starter gear hole. If you could spin it in both directions the sprag wouldn't be engaging, if it would not spin in either direction, bits of broken sprag would be jamming everything up. A quick check of the primary chain case oil for broken bits might be worthwhile.

By 73a
The motor doesnt spin when button pushed but is ok when off the bike.

Solenoid operates and 12 volts to the motor cable , but zero volts when motor attached to motor supply cable and fitted to bike.

My question would the motor try to spin and show zero voltages when asked to turn a damaged pinion.

No noise heard as if motor spining in primary case.
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By Haggis
Solenoid not passing enough current to activate the motor.? Due to bad contacts inside the solenoid .
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By windmill john
Sounds like a voltage drop thread. Not sure how you tested and you would expect no voltage after the motor.
I don’t know the bike. The sprag clutch would free spin one way and grip the other on older Hondas and other bikes of course.
It might not be wiring and be exactly what you’ve questioned. Have you taken the spark plug out and then tried to turn the pinion wheel?
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By Wheaters
Many electrical problems are caused by bad earth connections. Although the motor should generally earth itself well, what about the earth path from the battery to the frame?
By 73a
Spent the morning trying to sort this start problem out , all circuits and earths checked ok. Battery showing 100 % 12.7 vdc on fluke meter .

Neighbour lent me their battery load tester and you guessed it , my battery is breaking down under load even tho showing 100 % charge and < 7.2 vdc under load.

Robbed another battery of another bike and up she fired.

Applying logic to fault finding does always work , just change the battery !

Just enough time for decent ride out -

Thanks for everyones input, cheers NG
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By Adrian
Of course, I forgot the battery issue. First time I replaced the old-style lead acid battery on my old Electra-X with a Motobatt AGM battery, the E/S positively leapt into life compared to its increasingly sorry performance previously. They really do need a healthy battery.


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