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By windmill john
Just thought I'd finish this off.

Chain adjusted and clutch cable adjusted to within an inch of his life, only two missed second gears; one corrected by clutch cable.
That could be a fluke and it might just be chain adjusted, but in the million bikes I've had, I've never come across this.

My chain wasn't loose......... it was probably around 30 to 40mm as opposed to 25 to 30. Some say that 25 to 30 is too tight.
I ensured that it didn't become a guitar string after setting by putting my weight on it.

I'm sure this bike is critical to cable adjustment too. I had it at about 4 or 5mm; don't normally bust a gut about that, but Ari really needs the book's 2 to 3 mm.

Anyway, all good now.
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By stinkwheel
Those clutches are very sensitive to stack height and don't have a lot of lift in there. so I'd agree fully with this. They have managed to squeeze 5 plates into a space designed for three.

I think the clutch definitely gets crabbier with heat too, which seems wrong because I'd expect them to get slippier. Never really managed to work that one out.

I put a ceramic ball bearing in my clutch pushrod in place of the steel one which subjectively seems to have made this happen less readily.
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By windmill john
Didn't realise you had a later 500 as well.
Yes, occasionally my gear changes are not as slick as normal, a tiny lurch.
I'm thinking that it's part of the Royal Enfield charm......

Amazing how much more vibey the 500 is over my older 350. I will look at changing the top mount at some point.
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By stinkwheel
Sorry, my bad, I'd got it in my head it was an earlier one.

Still, stack height and lift on clutches is always an important factor. You should see the difference in shifting on even the 4-speed albions if you fit a Newby clutch to them.

Actually, you should see the difference on the pre-unit models if you fit a GPZ500 clutch lever, gives you a greater length of pull so you can fully disengage the stack while still allowing room for it to bite.
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By windmill john
Well to really play with your head, I still have an issue with 2nd on my 350..

I'll have another play with that at some point. It's probably as per BW's video. If I snick it to neutral then 2nd, it's slick. But doing that sometimes can actually end in third, as that first snick does actually go into 2nd!
By zonggong
I have had this problem on both my Bullets - a 2015 and a 2018 Classic. I have found that keeping my foot on the gear change lever until after I let the clutch out helps a lot to resolve this. None of the other changes I tried made any difference.
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By windmill john
Not had the issue since making sure chain is 25-30mm and clutch cable is at about 3mm.
By Chris H.
Remove the gear shifter and cover and fit a washer (e.g. O ring) to take up the slack/play to fully engage the selector fork.
This mod stopped my bike from going into a false neutral rather than second gear.

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