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By Graeme @ Hitchcocks
Over the last few years we have had an increased demand for technical assistance both on the telephone and by email and this is putting serious pressure on our resources, whilst we are always happy to help, many of the answers can be found in the appropriate workshop manuals and most of the time in more detail.

So, whilst paper copies are still available to purchase, we now have PDF versions of all workshop manuals (both Redditch and Indian built) available on our website. These can be accessed via the “Information and Forum” section or by using the link below and this is totally free of charge.

https://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycl ... o-Download

Hopefully, this readily available source of technical information will be mutually beneficial.

Hitchcocks Motorcycles
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By Trev
Very nice gesture Graeme, much appreciated. I have got a paper manual for my G5 but some pages are quite oily now ; )

Himalayan on it's way so this will be super useful for that, thank you
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By Presto
That's going to be a great help! Great service - as always!!

Not easy to get copies of some workshop manuals these days - many makers don't sell them at all or only sell them to the trade.
Brilliant idea, and much appreciated. Thanks Mr H and colleagues for this!


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