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By Boxerman
Aethelric wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:36 pm
It's reading problems like this that put me off buying a recent bike with so much electronics to go wrong.
Or maybe I'm just a dinosaur.
I had problems with mine and I chased my tail for ages trying to get to the bottom of it, much like the OP.
In the end, I found that all the problems stemmed from a broken spring in the fuel pressure regulator and not one of the electronic bits.
The OP has already tested his bike's fuel pressure so he has a different problem.

By Rattlebattle
The EFI hardware fitted to RE bikes is good quality Jap stuff. Where the pre-Euro IV bikes can give trouble is almost always in the wiring/fuse/battery/sensor areas. I read on another forum that, unlike other manufacturers, RE doesn’t have the capability of releasing revised maps that can then be used to reflash the ECU, either to improve issues such as off idle stuttering ( a common issue on many new bikes, though ironically less so on Euro IV/V bikes) or to accommodate approved aftermarket exhausts etc.
I chose to convert my C5 to a carb because at the time it was cheaper than buying a PCV. However, in general I much prefer a decent EFI setup because these days they adapt automatically to changes in intake/ exhausts, are less prone to suffering from the ill effects of ethanol, automatically adjust for altitude and seasonal temperature changes and make servicing and fault diagnosis much easier.
I’ve just serviced my Triumph, hooking up the ECU to a laptop using free software. It took 10 mins to check that there were no recorded faults, to verify that all sensors are operating within the expected parameters and that throttle bodies were in perfect balance. I have also remapped it to suit the modified intake and free-flowing exhaust. Compared to balancing a pair of wear-prone Concentrics I had on my old T140v it is a doddle and way more accurate. So, whilst the crude EFI on the pre-Euro IV RE bikes might be bettered by a carb (IF you have a troublesome one hand-built by a bored, careless worker - many give no trouble) modern EFI systems, as used on cars for years, on bikes assembled on modern production lines with proper quality control (as current REs are and have) are less likely to cause any issues. Each to his own...

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